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The ultimate girls day out! Sat. Feb 25

Ladies....Get PolisheD!!

Gather your ladies for the ultimate girls day out!! February 25, 2012



"What is PolisheD? A luxurious experience you won't soon forget. Come and join us on February 25th at the Coast Chilliwack Hotel for the opportunity to be PolisheD.

Sample Dione's hand crafted assorted artisan truffles and specialty chocolates. 

           Every girl needs a bite of chocolate during a busy day of shopping! 

We will have a variety of services offering everything from live make overs, bridal gown blow out sale, sultry session in the premium suite and a women's fashion lounge! There will be a grand prize giveaway that every ticket holder has the chance to enter!

Interested in supporting local fashion? We will also be having a fashion show with the opportunity to purchase the incredible fashions in the lounge.

Tickets are $10 each and available here  http://www.gettingpolished.com/#!tickets


The Coast Chilliwack Hotel

45920 First Avenue, Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P 7K1

Tel: 604-792-5552 / Fax: 604-795-2425 / Res: 1-800-716-6199

Dione will be at PolisheD on February 25 with her chocolate.  Everyone needs a bite of chocolate during a busy shopping day! 

Show specials include the "PolisheD price" of $8.95 (reg $9.95) Dione's signature Crescent Beach Truffles (100g natural brown box of smooth creamy sea salt caramels) and free samples of hand crafted, delicious artisan truffles and chocolates.


A little about the happenings…

The Sugarplum Sisters will be on stage chatting with everyone at 10:30am and afterwards will be tweeting the days events live.  Plus they’ll have some goodies you can win if you’re following them on twitter.  Go find them now….  @sugarplumsister

At 11:30 we have some tips for you ladies who love to shop, but need to find your balancing act with the receipts and your bank account.  Join us when Zoie Bailey steps on stage!

Lunch time…. you’ll want to take a seat at the lovely Prestons Restaurant located in the Hotel and grab a bite to eat.  Come and take a seat again for 1:00pm when Marion Groot of Victoria salon, Ma-luxe shows off her beauty tips and trends!  Something you won’t want to miss!!!

Love a mixture of fine things?  Join us again at 3:00pm for our fantastic mix of fashions, from everyday wear to custom designs to wedding gowns!!!  Ladies will have the chance to buy all the latest trends.  We’ll also have a bridal lounge for you to try on and buy amazing wedding gowns at special discount prices!

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